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The World’s Greatest

In the words of R. Kelly….

Ray, you made it


You’re the worlds greatest…

Ok not exactly how the R put it, but still catchy. One thing that is for certain however, Ray Allen is the worlds greatest three-point shooter and it shouldn’t have taken last night for you to realize that. It wasn’t a matter of if he would break Reggie Miller’s career record of 2,560, but rather when. Since arriving in Boston for the start of the 07-08 season, Ray has taken his game forward as opposed to slowing up. This year he is shooting some of the best percentages of his career -.505% from the field and .459% from 3-pt which would both be career highs. To make the moment even better, Ray hit number 2,561 with Miller on hand commentating for TNT. To break it down Allen has surpassed Reggie in exactly 315 fewer games (about 3.8 fewer seasons) and 53 fewer shot attempts.

The 15 year veteran has arguably the purest shot the NBA has ever seen. He broke Kenny Smith’s NBA Finals record of most three’s in a game and set the mark at eight in last years finals versus the Lakers. So it only seemed right that he broke this record against that same squad. The 10-time All-Star gets his shot off faster than anyone with a simple flick of the wrist. But what people don’t realize is the incredible footwork he has to square his feet to the basket coming from any angle. Here’s how the historic moment went down:

After a highly successful college career at UConn including winning Big East Player of the Year in 1996, Ray moved to the NBA and onto the big screen. Filmmaker Spike Lee (also known as one of the biggest Knick fans on the face of the planet and simply put not a fan of Reggie Miller), decided to have Ray co-star in the 1998 film He Got Game with Denzel Washington. Ray played Jesus Shuttlesworth, a high school star whose father tries to convince him to choose the school that will help lower his prison sentence. The only reason I bring this up is because Spike obviously saw something special in Allen (and I don’t mean an upcoming movie star) as he could have casted any other bigger name star for the role (like maybe the face of basketball himself Michael Jordan, especially after the success in films before with Space Jam). So did he know that this second year kid was going to ultimately break his arch rival and hated villain’s three-point record, probably not. But I can guarantee you he was sitting at home screaming “Jesus” last night cheering on Ray as he moved past Reggie for number one all time. Here’s a clip of just some of the beef between Spike and Reggie:

In conclusion, let me just say congratulations to Ray Allen, you are well deserving of this honor and it couldn’t have happened to a more humble individual. You are a future Hall of Famer and true role model to basketball fans everywhere. I wish you future success and hope you can continue to play and build on your record. And not that you needed the title but make no mistake you are the Three-Point King and will wear the crown for a long time coming.


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